AFAK1P – Companion 1 Series – First Aid Kit



Personal First Aid Kit

A lightweight plastic kit with a selection
of useful items needed for minor injuries including burns and minor bleeds. Small and compact, this kit fits conveniently into bags and cases to have on hand every day for personal use. It comes with

AP1011AEROPLAST Plastic Plasters 72 mm x 19 mm10
AP104AEROPLAST Plastic Plasters 38 mm x 38 mm10
AB3AEROBURN Burn Gel Sachet 3.5 g2
AGS753SAEROSWAB Gauze Swabs 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm 3’s3
AW8000AEROWIPE Cleansing Wipe Alcohol Free3
ACA755SAEROSWAB Single Ended Applicator 7 cm10


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